Travellers abound at Tea Tree Gully

With Winter now really behind us, it’s been interesting to hear some of the travel stories from our staff who choose to escape the cold for a few weeks for warmer climates.

Hp-Theme-Park-the-wizarding-world-of-harry-potter-13691411-600-450Sonya, no rookie when it comes to overseas travel, has visited six of the seven continents on this planet. On a recent US visit she visited The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, open now for four years. She says: I just went to The Wizarding World of Harry Potter!  It’s at Universal Studios, Orlando Florida.  There’s a miniature sized snow topped Hogsmeade Village with all the favourite Harry Potter characters. The centrepiece is Hogwarts Castle and inside is a great simulator ride that has you on a roller coaster adventure with Harry, Ron and Hermione.  As you roam the village you can have lunch, (a hearty English fare) at the 3 Broomsticks,  and tuck in to some yummy butterbeer!  Actors roam the streets in robes and perform small skits for visitors. 

We have loads of travel books on the US, and also some of the states including Florida. And of course we carry the entire Harry Potter saga by JK Rowling.

From the first world to the third, Chris talks about his unscheduled, yet life changing stop in the African village of Mpumba.

mpumba kidsSitting beside me on the old rickety mini bus late at night was a young local girl and her friend. Eventually I spoke up, and introduced myself. We discussed the usual – of where I had been and where I was going.  I could see they were not sure of my ability to continue alone, and so Pamela, the one sitting closest to me asked if I would prefer to stay at their house for the night, and make my way to the hostel in town tomorrow during daylight. Chris took the offer and followed them back through their village to their house. He was introduced to the family, who were tobacco farmers. He continues: After an hour, Pamela returned, she brought out an impressive dinner. She has spent the last hour over a fire cooking away to feed us all. We sat in a circle, sharing this food, and I could not help but smile. I was invited into a home, fed, given a bed and treated as a life long friend and I had only just met them a few hours before on a bus in the middle of Africa. My friendship grew with this family and I stayed and worked with them for many days. Whether it was fetching water, working to the tobacco farms, helping to cook, I was treated as a true brother. They truly shared the pure kindness of a human being.

You can read the full story of Chris’ African family here. Check out our full range of travel books and DVDs on the catalogue, you may find ideas for your next adventure!

Stay tuned for further adventures of our travelling staff.



Environmental Care Show

One of the many school holiday activities this spring is the Environmental Care Show. Of course here at City of Tea Tree Gully we encourage everyone to recycle, reuse and be sustainable, but this show will present the messages in a fun and entertaining way to the youngest generation.

The show is put on by COOL 4 KIDS, an innovative children’s entertainment service developed by teacher and musician Tony Genovese and will feature Bella Butterfly and Digger Dog characters. Suitable for kids up to 12 years, the show will be interactive and tailored to the audience on the day.

The show is free to attend, but you will need to book a spot for each family member attending as places are limited. It all happens on Wednesday 8 October at 10.30-11.15am. Bookings open on Monday 15 September for this and all our Home Grown theme school holiday activites so click here on the 15th!

6 Years Young!

6 birthdayToday marks the day 6 years ago that the Library ventured into Web 2.0 territory and launched our Off the Shelf Blog!

In that time we have written 818 blog posts, received 286 comments and have been visited 198,073 times!

Our busiest day was 24 October 2011 when we were visited 892 times, with the Zombies in the Library post being the most popular that day.


Our most popular post ever is Bob the Builder storytime, from 2009 being viewed 32,448 times, with a far off second place by Ever wondered what the oldest Library in the world is? with 14619 views.

And if you love statistics as much as I obviously do, the location of most of our visitors is of course Australia, followed by the USA, UK and with Germany coming in 4th place. Those Germans really love Bob the Builder it seems. We’ve also been visited by people in Iceland, Grenada, Guatemala and Tajikistan!

Do you have a favourite blog post from the archives?

Meet Hannah, the Library trainee!

In June the Library welcomed Hannah, our new trainee. She has the opportunity to experience working in many different roles at the Library and to undertake study towards a future career.

Hannah is a member of the Library Partnerships team, which offers assistance to those who can’t visit the Library.

Hannah is our young and enthusiastic Library trainee! Welcome.

Please welcome Hannah, our young and enthusiastic Library trainee!

“I do lots of other different things as well, such as assisting members of the public while working on the Customer Service and Ask Here Desks in the Library, looking after students on work experience program, processing new items and learning records management. I’m also studying for my Certificate 3 in Business Administration at TAFE SA,” says Hannah.

“I think the most challenging part about being a trainee is learning about all of the Library programs and understanding them all.

” Everyone is willing to help me if I have a problem or a question. The patrons are lovely to chat to and they have been so patient with me when they have had a problem.”

After leaving school last year, Hannah gained valuable experience working in a busy customer service environment at a KFC restaurant, which proved to be an advantage when she became interested in applying for the traineeship at the Library.

Hannah believes in enjoying life to the fullest and her interests include shopping, spending time with her friends and family and playing with her pet cockatiel Noah.   Like many of our staff, Hannah has a passion for Australian Rules football and is a devoted Collingwood supporter! She also claims to make ‘the best nachos in the world’.

Hannah describes herself as ‘never having being been someone who makes plans.’  However, she looks forward to one day travelling to Paris, Spain and Greece.  “When I’m older my dream is to go over to Rio for a month. I’ve been to Bali, Malaysia and Thailand and I enjoyed learning and seeing other cultures and different ways of life.”


Anstey’s Favourite Read: Bridie’s Boots

Anstey, the Tea Tree Gully Library’s resident echidna, would like to recommend the new children’s book ‘Bridie’s Boots’, to little readers.

Bridie's Boots - the latest picture book written by SA Children's writer Phil Cummings

Bridie’s Boots – the latest picture book written by SA Children’s writer Phil Cummings

Written by Phil Cummings and illustrated by Sara Acton, this is a story about a little girl who learns to let go of treasured belongings, as she begins to grows up.

 When Bridie turned five she received a pair of gumboots, they were wrapped in rainbow paper and were the best boots ever. They kept her feet dry when it rained and when the sun came out she twirled on tiptoes in her boots. Bridie dreamed of all sorts of adventures in her boots in fact she could do anything in her boots. But when Bridie turned six her boots no longer fit her. ‘You’ve grown, Bridie,’ said her mum.

Bridie decides to give her boots away to charity so that someone else can wear them.  On the other side of the world the boots find a new owner who loves them as much as Bridie did.

This delightful story about goodwill, sharing and adventure is written by local author Phil Cummings. The Little Big Book Club recommends this book for children aged between 4 and 5 years.

Read more about this book here:

WiFi access in the Library- new and improved!

Upgrades will be made to the Library’s public wireless network on Wednesday 3 September. There will be a short outage on the day from 9am – 1pm so the changes can be made.

The upgrade will simplify and improve WiFi access for users. When accessing the new network Public-Library-RF, you will be able to log in simply by entering your library barcode and PIN, and then accepting a simplified version of the Terms and Conditions of Use. You will also have direct access to browse the Library catalogue.

There will be some WiFi handouts in the Library to guide you through the changes and staff can provide assistance if needed. We look forward to providing a new and improved WiFi network for all our patrons!

Hot Chocolate Art

While many would agree that making a good cup of coffee is an art form in itself, baristas at the Library’s neighbouring cafe The Topiary Pantry use their down time to perfect their latte and hot chocolate art.

Barista and Topiary Pantry Manager Liz prepares her milk froth...

Barista and Topiary Pantry Manager Liz prepares her milk froth…

Hot frothed milk at 71º C provides the perfect base to create some seriously cool pics. The milk should be very creamy and consistent with small light bubbles (no big dishwatery bubbles please).

Three scoops of milk froth = teddy bear head

Three scoops of milk froth = teddy bear head

To create the teddy bear on this hot chocolate, Liz used three dollops of white froth for the head and used the pointy end of the milk thermometer to dip in the chocolate and draw teddy’s face.

Teddy bear gets his nose

Teddy bear gets his nose

And gets a mouth...

And gets his mouth…


Seriously sweet - enjoy some latte art with a Lady Alice biscuit.

Seriously sweet – enjoy some hot chocolate art with a Lady Alice biscuit from The Topiary Pantry.

The planets are all aligned on this hot chocolate.

Another example – the planets are all aligned on this hot chocolate.

Request some hot chocolate or latte art for yourself next time you visit The Topiary Pantry, which is located next to the Tea Tree Gully Library. There’s nothing like a cute pic on your cuppa to pick you up and put a smile on your face!