Supanova is Coming!

Supanova Pop Culture Expo is this weekend at the Adelaide Showgrounds! A weekend of pop-culture goodness, featuring celebrity guests from TV, film and the comic scene, games and gaming areas, cosplay, traders and everything in between!
We’re probably most excited that Jack Gleeson, AKA Joffrey from George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones, and Jeremy Shada from Adventure Time will be there.Profile-Jeremy-Shada-Version-B-320x97

Don’t forget we keep a massive range of the latest TV shows, films and Graphic Novels covering all sort of genres and interests. If you need to catch up on Game of Thrones, see what Adventure Time is about, or find out the latest Marvel Universe heroes are doing come to the Library or check out the catalogue on place a copy on hold today.

Garden design for your changing family

Why concrete in a playset in your backyard when your children will grow out of it in two years?

Tea Tree Gully Environmental Projects Officer Andrew Moylan and Maria Zotti from Nature Play SA will answer this question when they present a special talk about designing a garden for your changing family.
nature play

Andrew will discuss the variety of evolving backyard ideas that will change with your growing children. Using simple ideas like sand pits, pebble areas, and planned planting, you can change your backyard easily and cheaply to keep up with your childrens’ development and rapidly changing interests.

Bookings are essential and can be made at the Library, by phone on 8397 7333 or book online.

May the odds be ever in your favour – Mockingjay competition


The Hunger Games: Mockingjay – Part 1 hits cinemas on November 20 and we have a $40 Hoyts voucher and Hunger Games merchandise to give away!

To enter, head over to our Facebook page please tell us who your favourite Hunger Games character is and why. A winner will be selected on November 17.

‘May the odds be ever in your favour

Island Hopping – Fraser Island

Following on from Helen’s travels to Easter Island, Penny talks about an island a little closer to home.

Located just off the coast of Hervey Bay, Fraser Island is positioned 350km north of Brisbane. It’s a mysterious and beautiful place.

fraser-islandSwimming in the freshwater lakes is a memory that stands out. With an abundance of fresh water on the island, there are dozens of pristine mirror lakes, which are perfect for swimming in and drinking from. Lake McKenzie in particular is spectacular – it has clear blue waters and white sandy shores, and is probably the purest form of water I have ever experienced. Eli Creek was another gorgeous swimming spot.

maheno-wreckMore than 50 shipwrecks are marooned along the Fraser Island coastline. The most famous shipwreck is the Maheno, a former trans-Tasman luxury liner and a WWI hospital shop.


There are plenty of walking tracks on the island, which take you to high vantage points overlooking the sea and the Queensland coast, or to dense pockets of rainforest where you hardly see the sky. My favourite walking adventure was heading up on the island’s giant sand dune with my boogie board and surfing all the way down again!

Given it’s made entirely of it, sand is always present on Fraser. You drive on sand, you sleep on it,  you are always walking on it and getting it in your shoes. I remember friends getting bogged in the sand even before we had boarded the barge to head over to the island.

fraser island 4wdThe endless beaches are really just sand highways, with utes going up and down all day long. We only drive places during the day, as it was too scary at night with high tides and pitch black skies.  While utes get lots of space on the beach, the internal sandy roads are much narrower. Once we encountered a bus on a road in the rainforest that was not wide enough for two vehicles, and we had to sit there until the coach went past, scraping our vehicle and stripping off metres of paint.

The island has very little development, so it’s easy to imagine yourself living as a member of one of the aboriginal tribes who lived for more than 5000 years on the island, seeing and encountering the same natural beauty that is still there today.

The Library has a load of travel books that are either on, or include sections on Fraser Island. Trip Advisor has lots of information regarding accommodation and 4WD hire.

Holocaust survivor to share his story

Holocaust survivor and Adelaide resident Andrew Steiner will be delivering a special presentation on 27 January 2015 at the library, where he will share his story on surviving the Holocaust.

On the same day, Tea Tree Gully Library will join the world to mark the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, by commemorating International Holocaust Memorial Day.

This day of remembrance is noted internationally and is dedicated to the remembrance of those who suffered in the Holocaust under Nazi persecution.

Please check our News and Events page on the website closer to the date for more details about time and bookings.

Island Hopping – Easter Island

Each of us has our own “bucket list” of places we want to visit.  The top of Library manager Helen’s was Easter Island.  However, it is the  most remote inhabited island in the world, being over 3000km from Chile (the ‘closest’ mainland) so travelling there takes some planning.

Helen Easter Island statues2Helen says: I had wanted to visit for over twenty years to see the monolithic human carved moai for which the island is famous.  Strangely enough, my desire came from when I started working in a public library, from shelving a book on Easter Island.  I was intrigued by the images of the moai on the cover. The book was borrowed, and I marvelled at the statues, and from then wanted to see them in person. 

When Helen’s partner suggested travelling to South America for a holiday, the deal was if that was the destination, then Easter Island was on the list!

Our first stop in research was the travel section of the Library, borrowing a number of the books on South America to refine our trip.  One suggested catching a bus over the Andes Mountains to Santiago,  the best way to see the Andes up close – in the comfort of a modern two story bus.  This was added to our itinerary.  We also jumped on-line to get great suggestions on accommodation options and read reviews through Trip Advisor

Organising a flight to Easter Island from Santiago is easy, but the downside is the flight is 5 hours and requires an early morning start of 5am.  Despite this, it was truly worth the journey. The Island is inhabited by less than 6000 people and the main economy of the island is tourism.  There is one town Hanga Roa, which is close to the airport – walking distance even! 

???????????????????????????????There is great food to be had on Easter Island,  especially seafood.
In the mornings, you can see the fisherman selling the fish caught that day to the locals, along with locally grown vegetables, fruit and meat.  If your accommodation doesn’t enable you to cook, the restaurants in town are many and varied.  There are a few good patisseries which feature great cakes and doughnuts (filled with dulcha de leche), but they also specialise in empanadas.  These are very popular especially with the locals. 

The primary reason for visiting Easter Island is of course the famous Moai stautues around the island.  Helen explains to tour options: There are a couple of options, you can arrange a tour with local tour companies where you get a flavour for the history, or you can hire a car and visit any site at your own pace.  Bikes are available for hire – but word of warning, if this is your preference ensure the gears can change and you have a basic puncture repair kit as you don’t want to be stuck a long way from the town with walking as your only solution.

Helen Easter Island statuesThe statues themselves are truly a marvel.   The best site to visit for the statues on the whole island is Rano Raraku, where they were carved from the side of the volcano.  At first the site appears as if the statues were left where they had fallen over, or still in the process of being created.  The closer you get the side of the volcano you can see outlines of a variety of statues which were in the process of being created.  Just ensure you have good walking shoes!

It definitely sounds like Easter Island is a great place to visit. If this has sparked interest for you, start your research on Easter Island today!

Destination China

In  part four of our travelling staff series, Tricia talks about her travels through China. The land of the ‘unexpected’  – a vast and complex country with many layers of culture, political upheaval and history and amazing contrasts of ultra modern mega cities and beautiful idyllic wilderness.

Visiting China for 3 weeks only scratches the surface of this nation of friendly and inquisitive people we gave it our best shot visiting of the most well-known sites.


Xian, The Forbidden City

First stop was the walled city of Xian.  Xian typifies China with its mix of ancient architecture, culture and antiquities contrasting with the modern business and hotel districts.  Followed by Beijing, including the Olympic village and a number of amazing cultural shows combining Chinese acrobatics, humour and culture with wonderful banquets. Treasures such as the Terracotta Warriors, The Great Wall of China, The Forbidden City, Tai Chi in the park, the Winter Palace and so much more were explored and climbed and photographed! Our  Library travel guide was invaluable for locating many of these sites.She recites a hilarious misunderstanding on her last day:

Our guide  in China was a lovely, friendly man called Sandy ( his western name) who promised to give us a special present at the end.

What could we give him in return that wasn’t the usual kangaroo or koala made in China?  I decided we should give Sandy my tube of Vegemite which, I have to travel with no matter how far that may be. It was a sacrifice I was prepared to make to ensure our gift was of a comparable nature and cultural significance to the one he’d no doubt provide us.

Sandi was gracious in his acceptance and promptly proceeded to smear it all over his arms, face and neck. “It’s a sunscreen right?” 

China 1

The Boat of ‘Purity and Ease’ in Beijing

If we had to choose just one adjective to describe our China adventure I think it would be unexpected. Unexpectedly easy to travel within, organised, beautiful, charming, contrasting and comfortable. The people are friendly, knowledgeable, more open than we expected in discussing Chinese politics and we felt very lucky and privileged to have had even this small trip to such a great destination.

The Library has a range of travel guides for China, from basic overviews, to guide on Beijing, Shanghai and Xian specifically. We also have heaps of DVDs on this region too!

Stay tuned for next travel post when we go Island hopping!